Here’s your opportunity to work and train with Mayambo, one of Chicago’s premiere dance companies!

Alux Pronounced ah-loosh; referring to spirit beings in
Mayan folklore, symbolizing the beginning of journeys

Tryout Date: Sunday, April 28th

Starting promptly at 10:00 a.m., our  audition will start with a quick warm-up followed by an overview of fundamental movements and intermediate level choreography. Make sure to give it your all as we will be assessing people’s work ethic, focus and willingness to learn!

The Dance: Salsa on2

Mayambo has developed a reputation as a go-to destination for Salsa in Chicago. If you’re a newer dancer and are interested in taking your Salsa game to the next level, this is a great starting point. Get exposure to the Mayambo style and prepare to show off what you’ve learned on the big stage!

The Goal: EVOLVE!

Want to sink your teeth into a a fun and exciting challenge? Want to get better and really understand Salsa? We’ve got you covered! Work towards a common goal and learn a brand new choreography with fellow dancers who are eager to strut their stuff on dance floors all across Chicago!

** The choreography will incorporate shines and partnerwork.

Audition Schedule

10:00 a.m. - Warmup

We’ll start off with some follow-along shines to evaluate how quickly you can learn the steps. We’re interested in testing your proficiency with Salsa shines as well as your sense of timing. Think of Salsa as a language, and we’re here to see how fluently you speak it.


10:15 a.m. - Choreo

Next, you will be learning an original choreography from Juan Hernandez, the director of Mayambo Alux. Prepare for something flashy, funky, and full of energy. Pay careful attention to the instructions and make sure you understand the steps thoroughly, because you’re about to be put on the spot.

10:40 a.m. - Demo

Are you ready to shine? You better be! Juan is looking for dancers who not only get the choreography but also perform the steps with flavor. Now’s not the time be shy; it’s time to put everything you’ve got on the floor. Remember, earning a spot on the team is a privilege reserved for those who truly stand out.

10:55 a.m. - Q/A

Juan will use the remaining time to answer any questions from the dancers and provide clear explanations about the training and choreography processes at Mayambo Alux. He will outline rehearsal expectations, the commitment involved, and performance goals to ensure transparency. 

** The choreography will incorporate shines and partnerwork.

About Mayambo and your Director

Mayambo Dance Company offers a range of teams from professional to training levels, including Pa’lante, Siboney, Quetzal and now, Mayambo Alux. We’re committed to artistic excellence, providing opportunities for dancers to enhance their skills and shine in performances and social dancing. Recognized as one of Chicago’s top Latin dance companies, we’re driven by a passion for Salsa and a dedication to excellence, fostering a welcoming and professional community.

The director of Mayambo Alux, Juan Hernandez has been with the Mayambo Dance Company for over 2 years and currently dances and performs with the Professional company. Juan is extremely well versed in the Mayambo technique and is someone you can trust to teach you how to truly elevate your Salsa ability.

Juan Hernandez

Building The Future Of Afro Latin Dance In Chicago

Mayambo Alux welcomes dancers aged 15 to 18. Dancers who are currently 14 years old may also join, provided they turn 15 within the calendar year of 2024. This ensures all participants meet the age requirements for our programs.

** We will distribute permission slips to obtain parental consent for the dancers. **

How will this work??

Read through the list of frequently asked questions to help you understand the audition process.

Can I audition if I'm a beginner?

We’d recommend that you have at least 4-6 months of Salsa training in order to have a chance of participating in this audition. Aspiring dancers should feel comfortable dancing Salsa on2 and have some general awareness of the fundamentals of Salsa. That said, dancers who show promise and have a positive attitude, will be strongly considered.  

What are the commitments and details if I get accepted?

Once you get accepted to the company, you’ll be sent an email with information on group dues as well as the day/time or rehearsal. 

What should I wear for the audition?

Make sure to bring both shoes and clothes you feel comfortable in when you dance. We’d also recommend bringing water as we plan to work you out! If you’re someone who sweats, no worries, we ask that you bring an extra shirt as well. Other than that, just bring a positive attitude and a strong work ethic to the audition.

Not Your Average Dance Company

We are deeply committed to cultivating the next generation of Afro-Latin dancers. To support this, we emphasize the importance of weekly classes to enhance your dance progression. These sessions are crucial for all aspiring dancers to deepen their understanding and technical skills of the dances they perform.

To make this accessible, we offer a discount on these essential classes, although they are not free. Attendance is strongly encouraged as part of your development when participating in any Mayambo performance group.

Ready To Join The Mayambo Alux?

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Mayambo Alux Audition 2024 (#24)