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These are some of the experiences our students have had

Working with Del and Mayambo
Nancy Testimonial Pic

Del once told me that I would give up on me before he gave up on me, and he was right! Del is so patient. I’m not the quickest learner or the best dancer, but he’s very attuned to the strengths and weaknesses of his students…he doesn’t rush his students. Because of that, my skills have improved. He’s a very observant instructor. He’s an awesome dancer. And he’s very passionate about Salsa/Mambo. If you’re intimidated by the thought of privates, as I was, don’t be. He puts his students at ease. Every class is energy-filled and fun!

Nancy L. – Student

Jason Testimonial Pic

There are a lot of great dance teachers in Chicago, but for salsa, Del is the best. Hands down. Whether you are a lead or a follow, he can quickly pinpoint what is holding you back and set you on a path to improve. His lessons are always a blast and the studio community he has engendered is full of supportive, fun, and talented people. Whether you are just starting out or looking to raise your salsa game, Del is your best option.

Jason L. – Student

Michelle Testimonial Pic

For me, working with Del is a genuine exchange of the joy of dance. He focuses on getting you seriously prepared for your dance journey, always pushing you to reach for your full potential. He challenges his students to exercise fundamentals, ensuring their ongoing success in whatever physical medium they wish to pursue. His teaching style reflects his character, caring about his students both as dancers and as people. He reminds you to never take yourself too seriously, and most importantly, he makes the whole learning process fun! It’s a pleasure to learn from Del ❤️

Michelle Z. – Student

Richard Testimonial Picture

Prior to taking classes with Del, I had absolutely no dance experience – I was lucky not to fall on my face while slow dancing – we tried some other studios but we just didn’t connect … it just didn’t click for me but that all changed pretty quickly once I reached out to Del – the guy is super approachable!! His energy is contagious and his approach takes all the intimidation away. And his ability to teach in a way that gets you up and dancing so fast is what makes this a no-brainer. We learned more in one private lesson pack with Del than we had learned in months of classes elsewhere. Trust me, you’ll only regret not finding him sooner! Thanks Del Dominguez | MAYAMBO …!!

Richard K. – Student

Layla Testimonial Pic

I love working with Del, he’s so fun, so helpful, so kind and I’ve learned so much in the time I’ve worked with him. I think the thing I notice the most is that he really just has passion for dancing. Not only dancing but for teaching as well. Anyone I’ve seen him work with, gets that same passion for teaching and he really wants to pass that on. He really knows his stuff and his technique and he makes you want to learn it and work but you’ll have so much fun during the process!

Layla B. – Student