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Founded in 2018, Mayambo Dance Company is the spiritual successor of the Mixed Motion Art Professional Dance Company.

Under the direction of Del Dominguez, Mayambo has been making a name for itself by producing shows that have made them a favorite of the Chicago Salsa Community.

The TermĀ  “Mayambo” was coined by Del as he sought to pay tribute to his own roots and the roots of the music and dance that have been the major passion of his adult life. Mayan + Mambo = Mayambo!

Joined by a dedicated and talented team of amazing dancers, Del and the rest of the Mayambo Dance Company have just gotten started! They are constantly working on new shows, and look to help continue the evolution of Salsa dancing in Chicago and beyond.

Del Dominguez teaching a Salsa Class



The members of the MAYAMBO Dance Company are constantly in pursuit of redefining their work as well as their dancing by pushing their own boundaries and creating new and exciting choreographies.


Mayambo performs at various socials and congresses. Their fun and energetic performances have become a favorite of the Chicago Latin dance community.

MAYAMBO Dance Company


Del Dominguez - Mayambo
Del Dominguez


Denisse Aldana - Mayambo
Denisse Aldana


Ethan Lassiter - Mayambo
Ethan Lassiter


Layla Bastar - Mayambo Dance Company
Layla Bastar


Miro Marinov - Mayambo
Miro Marinov


Jasmin Sturzebecher - Maymambo
Jasmin Sturzebecher


Michael Huang - MAYAMBO Dance Company
Mike Huang


Briana Harrison - Mayambo
Briana Harrison


David Sleeter - Mayambo
David Sleeter


Samantha Guerrero - Mayambo Dance Company
Samantha Guerrero

MAYAMBO Understudy

Jose Celis - Mayambo
Jose Celis

MAYAMBO Understudy


MAYAMBO’s Semi-Professional team is where new and aspiring dancers train in the company style and develop their technique. MAYAMBO is proud to develop talent from the ground up and offer dancers an opportunity to train intensely, better their skills and perform.


As a semi professional team, Pa’lante members are always working on improving their skills, performance quality and technique. Check out Pa’lante in action!


Le Que Te Gusta

Group Classes

Work with MAYAMBO Company members and work on concepts like shines, body movement, partnerwork technique, combinations and more!

SALSA Dance Classes

Work with the members of the Mayambo Dance Company and join their fun and challenging classes. We will always provide contemporary Salsa material and meticulous technique to provide you with can’t miss class experiences!

Thursdays 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Open Shines and Partnering

Get ready to be challenged in this Intermediate Class which will teach new footwork/shine and partnerwork sequences every week. Come work with MAYAMBO director Del Dominguez directly!


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