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BACHATA ESSENTIALS LEVEL 2 build upon the foundation we’ve helped you create in Bachata Essentials! Let us help you feel more confident and cool on the dance floor

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Bachata Footwork


In Bachata Essentials Level 2, students will learn more intricate and flashy footwork patterns that accent Bachata music. You’ll also discover how to incorporate these footwork patterns into your partnerwork to create a fun and playful experience with your partner!

Bachata Body Movement

Body Movement

Continue developing your ability to add body movement to your dancing!  Adding these extra movements to your dancing allows you express yourself more creatively with your body and not just your feet!

Bachata Partnerwork


Continue refining your ability to lead and follow ever challenging Bachata combinations which challenge you! As your skills in body shaping, movement and connection increase, you’ll start to become a favorite Bachata dancer on the social dance floor!

How Our Bachata Essentials Work

Just like our BACHATA ESSENTAILS level 1 Class, our curriculum for learning to dance Bachata stays the same.

We’ll continue to offer three different variations of Bachata Fundamentals for our students. We highly encourage our students to experience all three different versions of the class to continue rounding out your Bachata dancing skills.

If you’re new to the studio and already have experience dancing Bachata, you’ll love the attention to detail on the important elements of dancing Bachata. We’ll see you in class!

You can join at ANY time! Classes will alternate month to month so it doesn’t matter when you start.
Each class will review foundational step before we move into the focus of the particular session. 

Bachata Essentials – 2 A

Expanded footwork patterns and an a continued focus on parterwork turn patterns.

Bachata Essentials – 2 B

Develop footwork fundamentals and explore partnerwork hand tosses and connection variations.

Bachata Essentials – 2 C

Body movement in footwork as well as in partnership. We’ll focus on making things look and feel more rhythmic to you and your partner.

Meet Your Instructors

Samantha Guerrero

In 2001 Sam joined the Local Motions Performing Arts organization as a ballet dancer and soon branched into many different genres, finding a love for Latin dance.

She started her journey learning Salsa On1 and Bachata in 2011 and recently competed at the 2020 World Salsa Summit taking second place. She has a passion for teaching and she is dedicated to growing the Chicago dance scene.

Robinson Santos

Robinson started his dance journey early in his childhood as he trained in Mexican Folkloric dance. As an adult, Robinson has been actively involved in the Chicago Latin dance community for for the past eight years in a variety on roles.

He has been on stage and performed with such teams as Chicago Touch, Salsa Touch, Nueva Ola semi pro, Shines Touch, Bachata Allstars, Cumbia Allstars, La Fuerza Advanced and La Fuerza Chicago Kingsmen. Robinson is a former director of Sensual Touch Chicago sharing his gift and knowledge of dance with others.

Our students have been showing love for our studio and what we’re teaching!

We love our students and their 5-Star reviews on Google show us that they love us too!

Nancy Testimonial Pic

The teachers at Mayambo are so patient. I’m not the quickest learner or the best dancer, but they’re very attuned to the strengths and weaknesses of their students…they doesn’t rush the students. Because of that, my skills have improved…every class is energy-filled and fun!


Nancy L.

Current Student
Marius Testimonial Pic

If your goal is to improve your balance, leading/following skills, or your dancing in general, Mayambo can be an amazing guide and companion on this journey, with an incredible eye and talent for identifying small or big things to improve, which in turn will reflect in your dancing, transforming it into a more enjoyable dancing experience both to you and the partners you dance with.


Marius G.

Former Student
Michelle Testimonial Pic

For me, working with Mayambo is a genuine exchange of the joy of dance. They focuses on getting you seriously prepared for your dance journey, always pushing you to reach for your full potential…You to never take yourself too seriously, and most importantly, they make the whole learning process fun! It’s a pleasure to learn from Mayambo ❤️


Michelle Z.

Former Student

How our Bachata Essentials Level 2 class is different


2 Teachers

At Mayambo, we feel it’s best to learn from both a professional lead and follow who share tips, tricks and techniques from both sides of the dance to help accelerate your learning potential.

Equal Attention To Leads And Follows

We spend ample time making sure both leads and follows understand their specific techniques to ensure they have success at the studio and on the social dance floor.

Bachata Development EVOLVED

Students will experience all of the important elements of Bachata and continue to expand their skillset. Expect to refine your lead or follow abilities and learn feel confident on the dance floor!

Bachata Level 2 Classes at Mayambo

Frequently Asked Questions

Bachata Sensual FAQs
Do I Need A Partner?

No! You’re welcome to come to class and enjoy meeting new friends and dance partners at our studio. We do our best to make sure numbers are even and that you spend most of your time dancing and having fun!

What Kind Of Shoes Do I Wear

As long as you are comfortable and are wearing shoes that do not have a sticky bottom, you should be fine. We always recommend dance shoes, but street shoes with some give and appropriate as well.

What If I Miss A Class?

As a boutique studio, we offer a smaller amount of specialized classes. As such, we don’t have options to do a make up at the beginner level. We ask our students to plan ahead to make sure they can attend each class in the 4 week session. We do offer a credit for ONE CLASS if you happen to miss and we apply that to your next session by way of a custom coupon on your purchase.

What Covid-19 Protocols Are In Place?

As announced in mid February, the City of Chicago will no longer require patrons to wear masks or provide proof of vaccination starting on February 28th. We respect everyone’s right to a comfortable and safe environment and support everyone’s individual decision on masking. We want to thank our students for their understanding and patience as we follow the city’s guidelines and stay in compliance with city ordinances.

As always, there will be plenty of hand sanitizer on hand for student use.  We look forward to serving you in a safe and welcoming environment.

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