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We’re committed to sharing the love of Afro Latin dance with as many people as possible

If you can help us spread the word, we’ll pay you back with some awesome classes!

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Tell Your Friends About Mayambo!

We do our absolute best to offer cutting edge instruction to all of Chicago and we’re just getting started! Help us spread the joy of dance by referring a friend to take class at Mayambo.

In exchange for your kindness, we’ll offer you a free drop-in class. So for every person you refer, you’ll get a drop in class on us!

We’ll be expanding our class offerings in the near future and these free classes can be used with any of our forthcoming drop-in classes.

Mayambo Punch Card

We will be issuing the first set of cards starting in the first week of June.


How do I let you know I've reffered someone to Mayambo?

There are two ways we can be alerted to your referral. At checkout, have your friend or family member make a note during checkout that you’ve referred them to our studio. Once we get the note, we’ll add on a class to your class card. Secondly, you can email us at “” the name of your referral and once we see that they’ve signed up for a session, we’ll add the class to your class card.

How do I get my Class Card?

We will be issuing class cards at the beginning of every month. We’ll need a day or two to figure out how many credits to apply to your class card.

Is there an expiration date on my card?

There is a one month expiration date on the class card and the credits towards drop in classes. Once the expiration date has passed, the credits will no longer be valid.

I don't see any drop-in class on your schedule.

This is a new initiative so this month will be the first opportunity for students to participate. Starting in June, we’ll have several new classes toward which you can apply your credits

We’ll officially be handing out the first round of class cards starting the first week of June.

Can I use my credits towards anything else?

Credits are ONLY applicable to Drop-in classes and are NOT transferable


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