Here’s your opportunity to work and train with Mayambo, one of Chicago’s premiere dance companies!

Tryout Date: Sunday, April 16th

Starting promptly at 2:00 a.m., our  audition will start with a quick warm-up followed by an overview of fundamental movements and intermediate level choreography. Make sure to give it your all as we will be assessing people’s work ethic, focus and willingness to learn!

The Dance: Salsa on2

Mayambo has developed a reputation as a go-to destination for Salsa in Chicago. If you’re a newer dancer and are interested in taking your Salsa game to the next level, this is a great starting point. Get exposure to the Mayambo style and prepare to show off what you’ve learned on the big stage!

The Goal: PERFORM!

Want to sink your teeth into a a fun and exciting challenge? We’ve got you covered! Work towards a common goal, make new friends in a welcoming environment and learn  brand new choreography with fellow dancers who are eager to strut their stuff on dance floors all across Chicago! 

** The choreography will incorporate shines and partnerwork.

Audition Schedule

2:00 - Siboney

Siboney is our new training team. If you are unsure of your current level, start here and try out for both Siboney and Palante. We will begin promptly with a follow along warm up to access your ability to pick up movements. We’ll then follow up with a small sample of footwork and partner work choreography, which will help us ascertain your current skill level.

2:35 - Palante

Our semi pro team is where we prepare our most serious and dedicated students to work with our pro team, Mayambo. The training will be more intense with more challenging routines than in Siboney. In Pa’lante, you’ll fully acclimate yourself to the Mayambo style and level up your dance abilities. Try out for Pa’lante if you have over 1 1/2 years experience dancing Salsa on2.

3:10 - Mayambo Ladies

Calling all ladies! If you’re looking to add some finesse, fire and fierceness to your dancing, then look no further! Train with some of Chicago’s absolute best dancers/performers, who will make sure that you learn how to execute Afro Latin movements with full intention and precision.  They’ll also focus on showing you how to light up the stage with your presence!

** The choreography will incorporate shines and partnerwork.

About Mayambo

The Mayambo Dance Company is a group of hard working and passionate individuals who strive to elevate the level of excellence in the Chicago Afro-Latin dance community. Comprised of the Mayambo Dance Company (Pro) ,our semi-pro team, Pa’lante, Mayambo Ladies as well as our training team Siboney.

We’re proud to provide dancers of all skill levels the opportunity to grow as dancers and shine on stage.

Our crowd-pleasing performances make Mayambo one of Chicago’s premiere Latin dance companies. We share a mutual love of Salsa dancing and are committed to being the absolute best dance company possible.

Mayambo Pro_Team Shot

How will this work??

Read through the list of frequently asked questions to help you understand the audition process.

Can I audition if I'm a beginner?

We’d recommend that you have at least 4-6 months of Salsa training in order to have a chance of participating in this audition. Aspiring dancers should feel comfortable dancing Salsa on2 and have some general awareness of the fundamentals of dance Salsa in order to be considered. That said, we do offer opportunities for eager dancers who want to dive in and really transform their dance ability. 

What are the commitments and details if I get accepted?

All the practice times and dates will be dependent on what team you qualify for. There is an opportunity to participate in more than one team, but we ask that you are fully able to commit to each team before auditioning. 

What should I wear for the audition?

Make sure to bring both shoes and clothes you feel comfortable in when you dance. We’d also recommend bringing water as we plan to work you out! If you’re someone who sweats, no worries, we ask that you bring an extra shirt as well. Other than that, just bring a positive attitude and a strong work ethic to the audition.

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