Bachata classes

For those who are interested learning more about how to dance Salsa and Bachata…

Experience our FREE Sample Classes and learn a bit of either style!

…Best of all, each class is FREE!

Class details:
Wednesday, October 26th 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Location: 2539 W. North Ave

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Here’s what you’ll learn in the FREE Salsa and Bachata Classes!

Mini Salsa Lesson

SALSA (6:30 p.m. – 7:15 p.m.)

Mayambo founder Del Dominguez will teach you some of the basics of dancing Salsa – Mayambo Style! Learn a portion of our super popular Salsa Essentials curriculum which is the best system for learning how to dance Salsa in Chicago!

Mini Bachata Lesson

BACHATA (7:15 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.)

In this mini-class, Bachata master Robinson Santos will break down some fun and sexy Bachata combination which will give you a glimpse of of some of the material you can learn from the popular Bachata classes he teaches with Samantha Guerrero at Mayambo. You don’t want to miss it!

These are some of the experiences our students have had

Working with Mayambo

Del once told me that I would give up on me before he gave up on me, and he was right! Del is so patient. I’m not the quickest learner or the best dancer, but he’s very attuned to the strengths and weaknesses of his students…he doesn’t rush his students. Because of that, my skills have improved. He’s a very observant instructor. He’s an awesome dancer. And he’s very passionate about Salsa/Mambo. If you’re intimidated by the thought of privates, as I was, don’t be. He puts his students at ease. Every class is energy-filled and fun!

Nancy L.

There are a lot of great dance teachers in Chicago, but for Salsa, Mayambo is the best. Hands down. Whether you are a lead or a follow, he can quickly pinpoint what is holding you back and set you on a path to improve. His lessons are always a blast and the studio community he has engendered is full of supportive, fun, and talented people. Whether you are just starting out or looking to raise your salsa game, Mayambo is truly your best option.

Jason L.

For me, working with Mayambo is a genuine exchange of the joy of dance. They focus on getting you seriously prepared for your dance journey, always pushing you to reach for your full potential. They challenge their students to exercise fundamentals, ensuring their ongoing success in whatever physical medium they wish to pursue. Their teaching style reflects their character, caring about his students both as dancers and as people. You’re reminded to never take yourself too seriously, and most importantly, the whole learning process fun! It’s a pleasure to learn from Mayambo. ❤️

Michelle Z.

Frequently Asked Questions
Bachata Partnerwork
What Safety Measure Are In Place During Class?

As announced in mid February, the City of Chicago will no longer require patrons to wear masks or provide proof of vaccination starting on February 28th. We respect everyone’s right to a comfortable and safe environment and support everyone’s individual decision on masking. We want to thank our students for their understanding and patience as we follow the city’s guidelines and stay in compliance with city ordinances.

As always, there will be plenty of hand sanitizer on hand for student use.  We look forward to serving you in a safe and welcoming environment.

Do I Need A Partner?
No! You’re welcome to come to class and enjoy meeting new friends and dance partners at our studio. We do our best to make sure numbers are even and that you spend most of your time dancing and having fun!
What Kind Of Shoes Do I Wear
As long as you are comfortable and are wearing shoes that do not have a sticky bottom, you should be fine. We always recommend dance shoes, but street shoes with some give and appropriate as well.

We only have space for 20 people in each class, are you one of them?

Reserve your spot in class, it’s a no brainer and it’s FREE!