I received a great comment in my post about finding the beat in Salsa music. I was asked about some great songs that would be beginner friendly and figured I would shoot out a quick post and share this with everyone.

The following songs are nice and chill and not too complicated, hopefully you’ll find them easy to count!

Our first song is from Kabanayen doing a great and steady version of Tito Puente’s classic, ‘Nina Y Senora.’

Up next is a smoothy from ‘La Universidad de la Salsa señores,’ ‘El Aguacero’ by El Gran Combo.

Finally to round out this 3 pack of Salsa goodness is a personal favorite ‘El Que Se Fue’ by the incredible Roberto Roena y su Apollo Sound (Check out Tito Rodriuez’s version as well!).

Hope these help train your ear. Enjoy and keep getting better!

To your dancing…