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Our Bachata lessons will help you build your foundation so you can enjoy Bachata dancing to the max!

Your Bachata dancing journey starts here!

If you’ve been looking for Bachata classes in Chicago, your search ends here! At Mayambo, we’ve got two of the finest Bachata dancers in the city who regularly can be seen tearing up the dance floor and making new fans every time they dance.

They’ve designed a fun and thorough way for you to get started with Bachata or level up your current Bachata dancing skills.


BACHATA ESSENTAILS is our first step for students who are looking to find their footing in Bachata.

We offer three versions of Bachata essentials for newcomers. You should take one, if not all three, of these before moving on to more complex moves. We’ve broken down the fundamental techniques you need to master into a manageable set of exercises – so that you can find what ‘s right for you from the off.

You can join at ANY time! Classes will alternate month to month so it doesn’t matter when you start.
Each class will review foundational step before we move into the focus of the particular session. 

Bachata Essentials – 1 A

Basic footwork vocabulary and an emphasis on  parterwork turn patterns.

Bachata Essentials – 1 B

Basic footwork vocabulary and partnerwork hand tosses and connection variations.

Bachata Essentials – 1 C

Basic footwork vocabulary with a focus on  styling with body movement.



Once you’ve made your way through Bachata essentials for all three sessions, it’s time to learn how to tap into the magic you see when two people are in the SENSUAL ESSENTIAL zone!

Learn the secrets behind the magic you see when two people are flowing in and out of seemingly complex movements with ease and interacting in a way which is passionate, intense and unforgettable. 


Bachata Teachers at Mayambo

Samantha Guerrero and Robinson Santos are two of the most admired Bachata dancers in the Chicago Latin dance scene.

Individually, they are many people’s favorite social dance partners at any given dance night in Chicago. The real treat is when you see the two of them dance together to create the sort of magic you can’t take your eyes off of.

You’d swear it was all choreographed until you realize they are just THAT CONNECTED and THAT GOOD.

The great thing is they’re both amazingly kind people and dancers who are eager to share their knowledge and passion for dance. Join them!

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