Whether you’re new to Bachata or ready to stand out from the crowd, you’re in the right place!

The Mayambo Bachata classes will help you learn how to dance Bacahata with confidence and style!

Bachata FAQs

Bachata Essentials

If you are new and want to establish a solid foundation with Bachata, then this is where you should start. Sam and Robinson will break down all of the elements of Bachata in detail to set you up for success. Before you know it, you’ll feel confident and ready to ask anyone to social dance!

Bachata Sensual Benefits

Bachata Essentials Level 2

If you already your basics and are ready to learn how to connect with the music and your partner on a different level, this is the class for you! Discover how to lead/follow flashy and intricate movements which will make you a favorite on the social dance floor!