Afro Cuban dance teaches you to dance with intention as you learn the higher purpose of your steps. Are you ready to dive deeper into your dancing?

Starting on Monday, May 6th at 7:00 p.m., discover the roots of some of your favorite steps and learn to add meaning and intention to your movement.

Afro Cuban Dance Class
Why Learn Afro Cuban Dance

Why Learn Afro Cuban Dance?

Afro Cuban dance will help you develop a richer and more authentic style when you dance Salsa. As you become more versed in Afro Cuban Folkloric movements, you’ll learn begin to interpret what you hear with more “sabor” and be able to express yourself with your body in new and incredible ways.

Jackie Antonio - Mayambo

World Class Teacher!

Work with Jackie Antonio, a principal dancer of the Mayambo dance company as she shares her vast experience in folkloric Afro Cuban dance. Jackie will not only show you new steps but she’ll also explain the meaning, history and intention behind the movements as well!

Dance with more authenticity with folkloric Afro Cuban dance

Learn how to dance with more authenticity with folkloric Afro-Cuban dance. These movements come from the Yoruba religion, which West Africans continued to practice in Cuba after they were enslaved and forced to work on the island. There are many different expressions of God called orishas.

Each oirisha symbolizes a different part of life or the world around us, and each has a characteristic movement style and implement, or tool. Furthermore, orishas have substantially influenced the development and evolution of contemporary Salsa dancing. A variety of today’s most influential dancers have added movements and steps that are directly inspired by traditional Afro Cuban movements.

While you may be tempted to learn some steps in order to look cooler on the dance floor, you’ll soon discover that adding INTENTION behind your movements will increase your skills and allow you to discover more fluidity and expression in your Salsa dancing.

In short, Afro Cuban movements, when learned and applied, can make a dramatic and measurable impact in your dance ability!

Our students have been showing love for our studio and what we’re teaching!

We love our students and their 5-Star reviews on Google show us that they love us too!

Gus Vellios Testimonial
I’ve been taking classes at Mayambo for a while and recommend them to anyone who’s looking to learn the basics or more advanced techniques. They have created an inviting environment and really make you feel comfortable learning.

Gus V.

Former Student
Marius Testimonial Pic

If your goal is to improve your balance, leading/following skills, or your dancing in general, Mayambo can be an amazing guide and companion on this journey, with an incredible eye and talent for identifying small or big things to improve, which in turn will reflect in your dancing, transforming it into a more enjoyable dancing experience both to you and the partners you dance with.


Marius G.

Former Student
Michelle Testimonial Pic

For me, working with Mayambo is a genuine exchange of the joy of dance. They focuses on getting you seriously prepared for your dance journey, always pushing you to reach for your full potential…You to never take yourself too seriously, and most importantly, they make the whole learning process fun! It’s a pleasure to learn from Mayambo ❤️


Michelle Z.

Former Student

Why Should I Learn Afro Cuban Dancing?

Afro Cuban Essentials At Mayambo With Jackie Catena

First of all, the easy answer is…why not? If you want to level up your dancing, then this is a sure fire way to add a new and exciting element to your dancing.

Secondly, there is a new movement to have a deeper understanding of the roots and history of all the different elements that make up Salsa dancing.

In order to be well rounded and a true student of the dance, you SHOULD dive deep into all of the root movements of Salsa.

We should never overlook the vast debt that is owed to our Afro Cuban ancestors and their role in developing the rhythm and movements that set the stage for what we now dance socially as Salsa.

In this class you will learn:

  • The Orishas – Who they are and why they matter to your dancing.
  • How to move your body in different ways that you can incorporate into your dancing.
  • How to apply what you learn here into your open footwork in Salsa.
  • How to add specific intention to your steps so you FEEL them and experience them in a new light.
  • and more…!
Frequently Asked Questions
How Long Is The Session?

This session is 4 weeks in total with 60 minute classes once a week. 

What Kind Of Clothing Should I Wear?

We highly recommend you wear clothing that you feel comfortable in when you are actively moving. As for footwear, you should wear shoes that don’t have a sticky bottom and if you wear heels, please make sure they are dance heels that support your feet when you dance to avoid injury. 

Do I Need To Come With A Partner?

No! As a matter fo fact, this class will exclusively be an opportunity for you to focus on yourself and addign some flash and style to YOUR dancing.

How Is The Parking?

There is free parking on the north side of North Ave as well as on the side streets adjacent to the studio. There is also metered parking directly in front of the studio. You won’t have trouble finding a place to park!

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