I know it’s cliche to say this, but I really feel like we are about to turn a corner at MMA. We have this fabulous Open House that Laura is planning and it feels like that very event, will be the start of us officially becoming the “DANCE and FITNESS” destination spot in the Logan Square area.

It’s really been a long time coming. I can recall when we first opened, we actually had Brown paper over the windows (for good reason at the time, but that’s ANOTHER story) and two folding chairs which constituted the studio. Our dear students, Barb and Tom, must have thought they were crazy to come and take class from us!


Since then, we have officially competed in ballroom several times, Laura has been certified to be a group fitness instructor, our 2 random New York Style salsa classes became a full fledged curriculum, we found more people to add to our family and have slowly but surely grown our reputation and our place in the Chicago dance scene.

What now?

Well, lots actually. We are now going full force with the fitness aspect of MMA and we are also including a cutting edge nutritional program that, combined with our fitness classes, is going to make a BIG CHANGE in people’s lives. We actually spent quite a bit of time partnering with the right company on this as it’s a big deal. We have to know it works, it’s safe (No soy base or artificial ingredients) and is easy to follow. We think we found just the thing and we can’t wait to officially announce it and help as many people as possible reclaim or advance their physical well being.

Regarding the fitness classes themselves, we have a great group of people and a fantastic variety of classes geared to getting you FIT. When Zumba is the easiest thing you got going, you know it’s gonna be a workout!

We hope to reach a whole new variety of people with these classes and, who knows, maybe some of them want to learn to dance! The marriage of fitness and dance go hand in hand and I’m really happy we are starting to cover all of the angles and make our thoughts reality.

As an avid reader and someone who is really into personal development (life long project), I really warm to that Idea. Taking things in our heads and making them come true. It’s an amazing feeling and one I encourage you all to work on as well.

If you have aspirations of being a better dance, you have to work and dream of doing it, find a way to make it happen and look for people who can help you achieve that goal. Laura and I do this and it’s worked well and will continue to get only better. If you want to get fit, I hope you make it a point to really focus on improving YOU. Just make the decision and become accountable to your own thoughts.

We can all benefit from ideas like this. We humbly hope that Mixed Motion Art can be of service in these area of your life and we look forward to being a part of your journey.

To your dancing and your health!


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